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At SnappySite, we can help you get there fast!

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What SnappySite Offers You

Our team of awesome designers will design a beautiful single page website or landing page for you. We will do this using our skills in the industry in combination with the design brief you submit at the beginning of the process.

We design all sites using WordPress, which means after we are done we can hand over the reins and you can do with it whatever your heart desires.

Part of the SnappySite deal is that you get hosting for your site with our awesome main company, Grawlabs, for an entire year, completely free of charge!

This includes the following benefits:

  • Single domain hosting
  • SSL certificate (the green lock in the address bar)
  • Up to five email addresses with your domain (yourname@yourdomain.co.za)
  • Advanced spam filters
  • Antivirus protection
  • Online backups
  • 2,5 GB of online storage
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

We need you to provide us with the content for your site, but we will help edit and optimise any copy you send us. Additionally, we will dig into our image resources to help populate your site to be sure it looks stunning.

If you have any specific images (such as images of a product) you want us to use, you will still need to provide them at a high enough quality for us to publish on the site.

Included in this deal, we will register one domain (.co.za) for you free of charge for one year!

If you already have a domain, do not worry. We can transfer that domain instead of registering a new one.

We will also set up your site’s SEO and make sure Google indexes it. If you like we can also link it to Analytics and Search Console so that you can get some extra information on how your site is performing.

While you host your website with us, you will have full access to all the paid for plugins we use to build websites. You can then use these plugins to maintain, change, or expand your site.

Buying licenses for these plugins to run a single site can easily exceed thousands of rands a year!

This includes the premium versions of the Page Builder Framework and Elementor.

The Snappy Philosophy

First impressions matter

Your website should make a great impression on your visitors the instant they see it.

Websites should be built to convert

Whether you are using your website as a brochure or to generate leads, the goal should be clear and designed for.

Built-in SEO should be included

We build SEO into your site straight off the bat. There's no need to "add it on" as an extra.

Security is important

Google takes security on websites more and more seriously, for this reason we include an SSL* with your deal at no extra cost.

Mobile friendliness

In today's modern times websites can't afford to not be mobile friendly, this is why all the SnappySites are built mobile friendly.

Copy should sell the benefits

Every sentence on your website should be focused on how you help your audience get closer to their goals.

Landing Page

A landing page has one main purpose: convert visitors. For this reason, landing page designs need to focus on one thing and one thing alone. You must give your visitors all the information they need to make a decision and then proceed to get in touch with you.


Single Page Website

A single page website is slightly different to a landing page in that it serves as a general information tool as well as a marketing tool. This does not mean that your website should be dull though, it should still provide all the information needed, but it can be a bit more relaxed in giving additional "interesting to read" information.

* A non-refundable upfront payment of R500.00 is required before any design work will be done. This is part of the R1700, so it is the R500 initial fee and then the R1200 payable upon project completion.
** After the first year, you will have to renew your domain annually and become liable for monthly hosting charges. You can look at the hosting packages on Grawlabs.
*** Access is only available when hosting with Grawlabs.

Snap-To Design Process

We decided writing up this process in the generic old “step 1, step 2, step 976” way is not really our style, so here’s our process in limerick* form (more or less)!

* Disclaimer: the person who wrote this is in no way a poet.

SnappyNerds (that's us)

SnappySupporter (that's you)

You fill in the design brief questionnaire online,

carefully completing the details in every single line.

Make sure to include your colours and branding,

copy and pictures are also needed to make the site outstanding.

Then submit and wait for the nerds, it’s design time!

We start building the site and working on the design,

images here, writing there, making sure the blocks and the site’s goal align.

The domain is obtained,

hosting started and sustained,

and in the end submitted back to you to sign.

Review the design,

in your own time,

making sure we did what you wanted,

so as to avoid the website being stunted,

and submit the feedback so we can get it to its prime.

We then make the changes as requested,

update the design and finish it off once it’s been tested.

Add analytics and SEO as well,

then let the site go live and come out of its shell.

We do believe you’ll be happy with the site in which you invested.

Now is the time for goodbyes we fear,

a settlement of business and the site handover with a tear,

but it’s a tear of joy,

and happiness all round,

because your site is now one more thing you can hold dear.

The End

Get in touch

Have any questions? We’d be more than happy to answer them, just complete the form and send them our way.

Connect with us

We always want to connect with our community. Be sure to join us on our journey to making websites easy, beautiful, and awesome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It is. Enough said 🙂

Indeed we can. Our process consists of five major parts. Three of the parts’ times are determined by you, our lovely supporter, and the other two we stick to 48hrs (two working days) per part. So, if you bring your part, we will bring ours, and the site will go from inception to roaming the fields of the internet in less than a week.

SnappySite focuses on producing single page websites and landing pages. Once we are finished with designs, we give you full access to the WordPress dashboard. Once you are there, you are more than welcome to add as many pages as you like. If you are interested in a multi-page design website, check out our website services on Grawlabs.

Unfortunately, yes, you do. We do this to discourage people abusing our quick design services as we have had cases in the past where we spend hours designing sites and get an “oh, I was just looking around” response from the clients. Do not worry though, we will get your site up and running in no time, giving you even more reason to be proud of your brand.

Ah-ha! You do not need a business to have a website. Websites can be used for many things, including showcasing your impressive CV / resume online in a beautiful interactive way, giving information about your big event such as a wedding, or running your own personal blog where you get to share your thoughts with the world.

Social media and websites are not interchangeable, and they are definitely not competition to each other. As a matter of fact, they have a very strong symbiotic relationship. Typically social media should be used for creating awareness and driving traffic to your website. Your website then has the massive task of informing, and closing the deal. The best social media and website setups guide people to the website, where they then find the treasure.

You could not be more right. Toy Story was so ahead of it’s time…revolutionary stuff.